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The M3Pilates Story

Moving well is an important part of quality of life and is a great reflection of our overall health.  Pilates gives us a way to improve the movement experience in a challenging, but safe way for individuals. M3 Performance and Physical Therapy began using Pilates to help clients improve their movement experience completely by happenstance. 

Movement Diet

Desire, talent, persistence, or luck? Which one really helps someone become a world-class athlete? Answering this question can take us down many different paths. There is a story about Hall of Fame linebacker Mike Singletary, as a college freshman, where he asked his coach to tell him everything he needed to do to “become the

What Have We Been Up To

Many clients have asked what led to us to setup M3 the way we have. Answering this question requires an appreciation of lessons learned from failure. We say failure because we failed to ask the right questions during the first part of our professional careers. We spent time how to treat injured clients and got