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Whether you live in Trussville, the Birmingham metro area or central Alabama, our Core to Floor program was created with you in mind. There are many challenges when it comes to managing life and we have had the opportunity to walk alongside many of our female clients as they’ve faced those challenges. The process of having a baby and then getting back to doing everyday life is tough for many reasons, not to mention the physical effects. Those challenges can also exist for those who have not carried babies because all your muscles are impacted by gravity. The “Power House” or “Core” is a central part of allowing us to move gracefully while also functioning well in our daily lives. While many people focus specifically on pelvic floor dysfunction, we believe that it is important to focus on the whole person.
The diaphragm and pelvic floor depend on each other to maximize function as they both play a role in creating and controlling tension, even when we need to do something as seemingly simple as walking. The reality is that there are multiple layers of muscles that all contribute to our ability to be both mobile and stable. Training and retraining those muscles takes a wholistic approach that starts with listening and asking the right questions. By blending information from your OBGYN, Urologist and other healthcare providers, we can ask the right questions and create the best plan to help you move well, live well and do amazing things.
We developed the M3 Core to Floor program to support our clients who are dealing with incontinence, prolapse, diastasis recti, hip pain and low back pain impacted by dysfunctional core and pelvic floor muscles. The program offers you options that are non-invasive, effective and that improves your overall quality of life.

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