Public Speaking

Mentoring & Leadership Development

We believe that leaders are not born nor is leadership a destination. In this program, we partner with individuals, teams and organizations to develop leadership skills through the principles of human movement.



By finding helping people learn how their passions, skills and careers intersect, we have found that they have more clarity and fulfilment in their daily lives.

Teams and Companies

Building great teams or organizations go beyond crafting a mission and core values. We help guide teams through a process that help them identify values and principles that they naturally possess. In doing so, they can build strong trusting teams that communicate internally and externally with authenticity.



Planning a health & wellness event? Kendell is a seasoned and entertaining speaker and will ensure that your audience leaves feeling inspired and empowered to create a better life. Kendell’s speaking topics include:

  • Connecting professionalism, faith and service.
  • Workers compensation issues such as overuse injuries, back pain, pre-employment screenings and hiring injury resilient employees.
  • Building effective athletic development programs.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Leadership development.
  • Employee Health/Wellness
  • Wellness (General population and sports specific)
  • Sports Performance

As well as speaking, Kendell provides Mentoring & Leadership Development, Lecturing and Consulting.

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