M3 Performance


Often, the winning edge can come down to your physical performance. Being able to move better than your opponent can be the deciding factor.

This program begins with a screening and assessment, then you’ll receive a tailored plan where we’ll work with you to achieve your ultimate level of sporting performance.

For Groups, Teams & Companies

Our sports performance programs are an extension of the screenings and assessments for many of our clients. These options include individual, group and team programs and a focused on improving functional mobility. We work with your coaches and trainers to help create a collaborative environment focused on helping you surpass your goals.


This program is suited for a young child who has not played sports; may lack the confidence and coordination to take part in recreational leagues; or wants to excel in competitive sports.

Active Adults

Our adult program was created for those starting a new exercise program; wanting to improve results or those who are going through one of life’s many transitions.

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