Making Movement Monumental


We see movement not as a task but as an experience. Walking, running and jumping when done well demands that the whole body works together as a system. This holds true for a child learning to walk and a senior who is trying to maintain the ability to walk without using a cane. While we all have the same basic limits with movement, efficient performance is possible. Each year we spend time and money on programs to develop skill, speed, agility and better-looking bodies. Should we not take a step back and make sure that we have the capabilities required to move well before starting these different programs? The reality is that we are all judged on performance.  Understanding what this performance is built on is far more important than many often realize.  Overlooking our movement foundation can lead to us build on a weakness that can have a negative impact on performance. At M3, our goal is to make sure that each client has the movement capabilities to make their movement monumental!


At M3 we screen to make sure that you have the capability required for efficient pain free movement. We assess how prepared your body is to develop skill and we match your performance goals with the results of your assessment. Whether you are seeking a for help with pain, mobility, recovering from surgery or becoming a better athlete, the foundation of your plan begins with asking the right questions. Our goal is to help clients take control of their health and wellness by giving them the right tools.